Ashe ARC to the rescue

When KK4FZI heard that a ham down in Wilkes needed help with installing a wire antenna, he immediately mustered the ACARC troops. Taking advantage of a gorgeous mid-December day, W4MLN and NE4W met at the home of Sam, W4WKC. Although the available trees had some drawbacks (two of the trees considered were actually in a neighbor’s field and guarded by a donkey of questionable demeanor), they finally succeeded in getting the G5RV into the air before darkness fell.

The antenna launchers that the club built during a recent meeting were invaluable – it was no problem getting the line up and over a tall oak. And, since we were using a lead fishing weight, there was no danger of making the donkey mad by using an arrow or other pointy projectile!

All in all, it was a valuable project for the club to participate in. We gained some experience using the pneumatic launchers in less than optimal areas, and, more importantly, we succeeded in getting a ham onto the HF bands. Win-win.

W4MLN of the Ashe County Amateur Radio Club, and W4WKC

W4MLN, left, and W4WKC.

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