WX-250 SAME Weather Receiver Installed on 147.30



The Computer Automation Technologies WX-250 SAME Weather Alert Receiver has been installed along side the CAT-1000 Controller on the club’s 147.30 repeater just in time for National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  The receiver will alert users when watches or warnings are issued by the National Weather Service.  This unit is tuned to WNG588, 162.500 that transmits from Mount Jefferson.  During the duration of the event, users will hear a different courtesy tone (S in CW), and a timed transmitter drop out message (“Severe Weather Alert”) that will play periodically.

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Meeting News & New Officers

Congratulations to our two new club officers! Jayne Leonard, KK4FZH is the new club president. Lesley Lewis, N3TIA is the club secretary once again, after also serving as secretary for the 2012-2013 term.

Merriment ensued last night as our club participated in the annual “dirty Santa” gift exchange.  The only disappointment was that the W4JWO Junque Boxe didn’t make an appearance. As if to compensate, Marsha received something called “Funky Fresh.” To accompany the gifts, we feasted on desserts brought in by the men and women of the Ashe County Amateur Radio Club.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Benson, NE4W

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Amateur Radio Exam Session Scheduled

10 AM    Saturday Dec 14, 2013    Cost $14.00

Westwood Elementary School, Highway 221 south of West Jefferson.

Link to required form:  http://www.ncvec.org/ncvec605.pdf

Need photo ID and copy of current license (If Any).  Tech, General and Extra tests can be taken.  Pre-register if possible by calling Jess Parks @ 336-877-6213 or via email AK4NC@skybest.com

Jess  AK4NC

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Blue Ridge Brutal 100

KF4ZS hard at work at the New River rest stop.



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Blue Ridge Brutal 100

An excellent article appeared yesterday in the Jefferson Post about our club’s contribution to the Blue Ridge Brutal bicycle race.

Once again this year the Ashe County Amateur Radio Club will support the Brutal with communication services. Adam Lawler, WK4P, is the club liason to the BRB organization and also serves as the base station control point.

Many other club members are volunteering as both mobile and stationary operators to help ensure the Brutal is as safe as possible.

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ARRL Field Day 2013

We had great participation for Field Day this year! I’d like to thank the club members who contributed their time and energy to ensure that the event was enjoyable for all. Special thanks need to go out to Marty (W4MLN), Steve (KK4IDH) [who together with yours truly comprised the overnight super-crew...W4MLN was the facility manager and what a great facility!], the GOTA coaches Duane (KF4ZS), Wanda (N4UGS), and Jane (KK4FZH), and the food & refreshment team Lesley (N3TIA) and Julia Greene. Once again this year Todd (W4TRP) came though with the secret weapon and it was much-admired.

Many folks brought vital equipment together for the event, including David (KK4ING), Tim (N4SSK), Eric (KB4ER), and Richard (WA4ZBY). The set-up and tear-down volunteers, as usual, made the whole event possible. If I have neglected to thank someone, please know that it is not intentional!

Lots of contacts were made and some obstacles had to be overcome- chiefly the TenTec that died at 1 AM. It’s currently in the morgue but maybe some of our specialists can revive it.

Band conditions seemed poor for the most part on Saturday but were better on Sunday. It was gratifying to see some radio operators that I’ve not noticed working in prior years. One thing I’d like to see next year would be a digital-only station (not GOTA). This station would be only be used for digital contacts and Winlink messages.

A newspaper story is already out.

I’m looking forward to June 2014.


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Field Day 2013

Field Day is almost upon us. We’ll be set up at Westwood elementary school on US 221 again this year. Hours of operation will be 2pm on Saturday continuously until 2pm on Sunday.

Don’t forget that we have a VE test session scheduled for 10am on Saturday. You can get your first ham license, or upgrade one you already have. Contact Jess, AK4NC, either by email at ak4nc@skybest.com or phone at 336-877-6213.

See everyone this weekend!

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Newest club member and meeting news

Our newest club member is on board – KF4MAE, David Marsh. Welcome David!

The April meeting will be held at the courthouse immediately following the SKYWARN class.

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Field Day 2013 and other news

The club will be back at Westwood elementary school for ARRL Field Day 2013! A great location for several reasons…thanks to W4MLN and the school administration for allowing us to be be there again this year.

We have a new club member: Marc Scott, KK4OII. Welcome, Scott!

Some club members were able to attend a feature presentation last night, which was documentary on the HK0NA dxpedition last year. Crabs! Cliffs! Contacts!

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ARES emcom demo, March 10

We have an exciting demonstration coming up on March 10th. The public as well as area hams are invited to attend.

Bob Rodgers, KC4TVO is the ARES District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for Area 12 (Ashe, Watauga, Caldwell, Avery, Mitchell, Yancey and McDowell counties).

Bob’s training will consist of an overview of the Winlink 2000 (WL2K) system and how it is used for relay of digital communications during an EMCOM event.  WL2K is a worldwide system of volunteer resources supporting email by radio.  Bob will demonstrate the system using a field kit consisting of a PACTOR modem and related hardware.  If propagation cooperates, it should be very interesting and informative training.

The event will be held at Westwood Elementary school, 4083 US Hwy 221 South, West Jefferson, NC at approximately 6:45pm. [map]

If anyone is interested in meeting for dinner before the program, we’ll be at Smoky Mountain BBQ in West Jefferson at 5:30pm.

Thanks to the Ashe County ARES coordinator, Bob N4RHC for getting this put together.

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